We are happy to announce that Tanya Nicely was unanimously voted in as commissioner at our Nov. 24th Town meeting. 

We still have an opening on our board for Mayor.  We also have an opening on our Planning and Zoning Board for an in town Citizen. 

When a Town member, Mayor resigns from the Town board, the board  is responsible for assigning  a new Mayor to the seat by a majority vote. The assigned seat that is being filled will be up for reelection under normal election process in Nov. 2021. 

If Interested in submitted nomination for yourself or someone you know for the Mayor position please contact Town hall or one of the commissioners listed below: 

Mayor Pro Tempore / Commissioner Lisa Chapman:    aug1999@yahoo.com                

Commissioner Ginger Bauerband:     gbauerband@charter.net 

Commissioner Diane Calhoun:           drcalhoun.1968@gmail.com

Commissioner Joey Frutchey:                  jf143penna@aol.com

Commissioner Tanya Nicely:               tanyanicely@gmail.com